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Hospital Chaplaincy

Easing the pain

Our Hospital Chaplains offer emotional, spiritual and sacramental support to patients and their families in Melbourne’s major public hospitals, as well as hospitals in regional Victoria.

How can Hospital Chaplains help?

The experience of being in hospital can often mean being surrounded by illness, pain and despair. For some patients and their families, this can mean a time of heightened anxiety and stress. For others it is a time of spiritual questioning and/or connection.

Our Hospital Chaplains offer a range of supports including:

  • Having someone there to listen or sit silently with you
  • Having someone to pray with you – or to put you in contact with a Priest 
  • Helping you through loss and grief
  • Helping you to explore and/or reconcile your spirituality

Our Chaplains work as part of an interfaith network, working alongside chaplains from many other faith groups.


We support patients and their families regardless of their spiritual or religious belief or background. 


Our service is free of charge. 


Easter Appeal

Join us in reaching out to those who find themselves on the fringes of society, providing them with a path to transformation so that they too may rise and walk in the newness of life.