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HIV/AIDS Ministry

Providing a place of healing

People who are living with HIV/AIDS can experience discrimination and/or social isolation.

Our chaplains respond with hospitality and care, offering practical, spiritual and emotional support to help improve wellbeing.

What does the Ministry provide?

Our HIV/AIDS Ministry offers a range of social supports and activities including:

  • Having someone there to listen or sit silently with you
  • Having someone to pray with you – or to put you in contact with a Priest or Chaplain
  • Connecting you to other supports and services
  • Helping you through loss and grief
  • Weekly drop-in lunches and special events over Christmas and Easter 
  • A monthly mass, plus the annual Remembering Mass at St Francis’ Church in Melbourne 
  • Social activities and events in hospitals and in prisons for people living with HIV/AIDs 
  • Annual retreat

The Ministry also advocates for people living with HIV/AIDS by conducting community education in schools, parishes and other community group setting.

What are the benefits?

Having someone to walk with you, shoulder-to-shoulder, along your journey can help you to feel cared for and more empowered.

Being able to share your story with others who understand what you are going through can help you feel less alone.


Our service is available to anyone living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, regardless of religious belief or background. 


Access to the service is free of charge; however, some special events such as the annual retreat may incur a co-contribution.


Easter Appeal

Join us in reaching out to those who find themselves on the fringes of society, providing them with a path to transformation so that they too may rise and walk in the newness of life.