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Partner with us

While our Catholic values are the cornerstone of who we are and how we work, we provide care for everyone who needs us, and this is also true in our partnerships.

We choose partners based on shared clients, shared aspirations and shared values, and what will meet the needs of our clients.

We seek out partnerships with other social services and health agencies to design, co-create and deliver services to those who most need them, because we know that working in isolation doesn't always get results.

If you would like to see who we're partners with, go to our current partnerships page.

To talk to us about how we can work with you to develop a tailored partnership that will deliver meaningful and tangible benefits for your organisation – and for the community we live in, please contact our East Melbourne office.

Matt's Story

Matt was a typical teenager, with dreams to be an AFL star. Until his Dad left and everything started falling apart. Together we can help Matt get his dreams back on track.