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Family Week 2020

“Building Connections in the Spirit of Hope” 

Welcome to Family Week in 2020.

Whether you are a parent, student, teacher or part of a parish community, we encourage you to join CatholicCare in celebrating Family Week!

Participating in Family Week activities with your community is a great way to strengthen relationships and celebrate the importance of family in our lives.

Schools, register for Family Week here: 



Resources for Families at home:

Use these resources with your children at home to reflect on the role of family (and do some fun activities together!)

Resources for Schools:

CatholicCare's Family Week resources can be used in your school throughout the year to inspire further learning about family and relationships.

If you would like to view last year's resources click here


Share your Family Week celebrations!

Make sure to tag us in any social media posts you make during Family Week, and use the hashtag!  

You can also send your photos to us at CommunityEngagement@ccam.org.au so we can upload them to our own social media platforms.

Please ensure that you have received permission (from all involved parties) for us to use the photos before sending them through.


Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Family Week?

Family Week is an opportunity for schools to conduct special prayer, reflection, discussion and fun activities relating to that most important institution - the family! CatholicCare has been providing resources and impetus for Family Week since 1985.

When does it occur?

15 to 21 May (every year!)

Why is it celebrated on those dates?

15 May is the UN International Day for Families, and 15-21 May is National Families Week.

Why should my community get involved?

We know that strong relationships are crucial in life, and that when we build positive relationships with our families, our children (and their children alike) are more likely to experience the same as they grow and start their own families.
Celebrating Family Week and participating in activities will enable your community to:

  • celebrate and strengthen family relationships
  • explore and build upon the importance of family 
  • learn about the professional supports offered by CatholicCare which are available for them at all stages of life
  • support vulnerable families in Melbourne, Geelong and Gippsland by fundraising for CatholicCare’s support services.
How many schools are involved?

In 2019, 80 schools in Melbourne, Geelong and Gippsland registered their participation in Family Week. We have both Primary and Secondary schools participate!

How does a school get involved?

It’s great that you want to get involved! Make sure there is a contact person in your school, then have the registration form completed by that person. You may contact our Community Engagement Coordinator, Jeff Wild, for more information or support.

Once your school has registered, you can download the relevant activities pack and start planning fun and engaging ways to celebrate Family Week.


What could we do to celebrate Family Week?

The teachers’ packs on this page will provide activities and other resources. Your local parish may have a special Family Mass around that time, with other features such as displays of students’ work. 


Got more questions? 

Contact Jeff Wild, Community Engagement Coordinator at CommunityEngagement@ccam.org.au.

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