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Family Week

Family Week is the combination of fun activities and fundraising events that are undertaken by schools and parishes across Greater Melbourne, Geelong and Gippsland.

It is celebrated each year with the aim of strengthening families and communities, and it runs for one week in May to coincide with National Families Week.

Parents, schools and parishes are encouraged to partner with CatholicCare to participate in Family Week activities that are relevant and suitable for each respective community.

Family Week 2019

The theme for Family Week 2019 is Building Connections in the Spirit of Hope.

Our 2019 resources reflect this theme and focus on the dynamic concept of Hope – how it can be celebrated and strengthened within families, within school or parish communities, and how CatholicCare programs contribute to the wellbeing and provision of hope for families of all backgrounds.



Family Week 2018 

The theme for Family Week 2018 was Building Connections; Growing Together.

Our 2018 resources reflected this theme and focused on the dynamic concept of how Family Wellbeing can be strengthened within a school or parish community.



Keeping in touch

If you would like to participate in Family Week, we ask that you please nominate yourself or someone from your school, parish or community group to be the main contact for information and support regarding CatholicCare programs and activities.

This makes it easier for us to engage with eachother, and means we can share more resources with you, and you can share your stories with us!

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