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English Conversation Program

Support and encouragement to settle well 

The English Conversation Program supports recently arrived migrants to help build their confidence and independence by learning basic English skills.

Learning how to ask for a bus ticket, where to find a local store, or how to access health and employment services are basic yet essential skills for migrants to settle well.

This program also enables participants to form connections and develop a sense of community as they learn English conversation, helping them to integrate into and communicate with others in their local community.


During the program, participants learn basic English phrases and use them in conversation with other people in the group. Participants learn in a relaxed environment with other beginners like themselves.

The benefits for participants of the program include:

  • Ability to navigate day-to-day systems and services
  • English skills for accessing health and employment services 
  • Reduced social isolation
  • Enhanced social and life skills to integrate and settle into the Australian community
  • English language skills to support social interaction within the local community, including with schools and other organisations / service providers.

Where is this program offered? 

  • Dandenong (Mondays and Thursdays)
  • Eltham
  • Epping 
  • Pakenham (Fridays)
  • Sunshine (Integrated into a cooking class)
  • Wyndham Vale


People from a multicultural background who have arrived in Australia in the last five years can access the English Conversation Program. 

Childcare is not offered as part of this program. 


There is no charge to access the service.

More information

Download the flyer for the English Conversation Program on the Publications page.

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