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Family Wellbeing Support Service

Helping children to thrive

Our Family Wellbeing Support Service is an early intervention program that aims to enhance the resilience, mental health and wellbeing of children and young people. This program supports parents to develop skills and confidence to enable young people to reach their potential.

What is the Family Wellbeing Support Service (FWSS)? 

Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to the stress of life transitions, for example: the arrival of a new baby, adolescence, relationship breakdown, family separation and re-partnering. Children can begin showing signs of emotional and/or behavioural difficulties, which can lead to poor mental health outcomes later in life. 

The Family Wellbeing Support Service can help families to better deal with life’s transitions and challenges by providing:

  • short term support, information and referrals 
  • longer-term support for families facing complex issues
  • information sessions and group programs about relationships and parenting
  • referrals to other wellbeing services and activities

What are the benefits?

The service aims to build resilience and improve mental health by helping families to:

  • improve communication and strengthen relationships
  • establish and/or improve routines 
  • manage stress and anxiety
  • strengthen coping mechanisms
  • resolve conflict


This service is available for families with children up to the age of 18, who are living in Melbourne’s west, including the Cities of Brimbank, Hobson’s Bay, Maribyrnong, Wyndham and Melton, as well as families living in Bacchus Marsh and surrounds.

A special focus of the service is supporting families from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.


Our Family Wellbeing Support Service is free of charge.

How do I access the service?

Families can access the program via self-referral, or through informal word of mouth referral from a friend, family member, school, GP or other community agency.

Upcoming workshops

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More information

View the Family Wellbeing Support Service brochure on our Publications page. 

The Family Wellbeing Support service is delivered in partnership with MacKillop Family Services and the Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG).

This program is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services. 

Go to www.dss.gov.au for more information.


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