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30 January 2018

Back to school - a helping hand

Primary, Secondary, and even some University students are starting back at school this week, and while some may find it a breeze, many will struggle to find a balance with keeping up and remaining calm in the process.

Education can be stressful not only for students, but for parents too, so we’ve put together a list of helpful apps which can make your life easier:

School Planner (available on Android) OR myHomework Student Planner (available on iOS)
These two free apps can help with organising your homework and daily timetable, and enables you to put assignments and exams into your calendar. These are particularly helpful for those who struggle with keeping physical diaries or who find these difficult/annoying to use (no need to carry around an extra book!).

Headspace (available on Android and iOS)
This app provides guided meditation and teaches you how to meditate. Different features/packs can help with a wide range of topics like anxiety, stress, productivity, motivation, and many more – some of these are free to use, whilst others require purchase.

Calm (available on Android and iOS)
Calm has similar features to Headspace but contains some differences – along with guided meditation, Calm provides soothing nature sounds, relaxing stories, and breathing exercises to calm you down and help you sleep. Again, some features are free to use, and others must be purchased.

Smiling Mind (available on Android and iOS)
Smiling Mind is a unique app for meditation as it not only allows you to use it for yourself, but it enables sub-accounts for other family members to use, and contains specifically-designed programs for use in schools, workplaces, and sport clubs. The programs are also split into age groups, making it easy to find the right meditation program for you and your family, all for free.

TED Conferences (available on Android, iOS and computers)
TED has over 2,000 conferences on a wide variety of topics, which are incredibly useful in the classroom and for research. TED talks can also be used to inspire or to learn about any issue under the sun! Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, I guarantee you’ll find a conference relevant to you (and it’s free, so give it a look!).

If you’re struggling with stress management, or know that you will be in the coming months, remember that you’re not alone and that there is plenty of help available. If you think your child may be struggling with stress, let them know that they’re not alone either. Many schools now have counselling available, but if not, you can contact CatholicCare to enquire about private counselling at an office near you.

For families living in Melbourne’s West, CatholicCare also offers a school-based workshop called Stress Busters - an anxiety management program for Primary School students. A Family Wellbeing Support Service is also available, which helps children and their families with difficulties they may be facing (or with upcoming challenges like life transitions).


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