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23 August 2017

First 1000 people receive Child Safe Environment Training

In February this year, CatholicCare was engaged to deliver Child Safe Environment training to Archdiocesan staff and volunteers as part of a shared commitment to creating and maintaining a child safe environment. 

To date, we have delivered Child Safe Environment training to over 1000 people, providing them with education, awareness and support to meet the requirements of the new Victorian Child Safe Standards and legislation. 

“There was no limit to the number of people from parishes invited to attend, and over 1000 people is an important milestone in our journey of creating a Child Safe Environment where all children can flourish,” said CatholicCare Manager, Marriage and Relationship Programs, and Child Safe Environment Educator, Denise Lacey.

L-R: Rhyannon Elliott and Denise Lacey, CatholicCare Educators for Child Safe Environment Training

“A Child Safe and Child Friendly culture is one in which awareness is maximised and risk minimised. As champions of this culture, CatholicCare has been pleased with the level of engagement from the parish staff, leaders, volunteers, Priests and Deacons who have attended training.” 

The first stage of the project involved a series of parish workshops to share and gather information about the best approaches for training and support to meet a wide range of parish needs. 

The majority of parishes were represented in the initial series of 14 Child Safe Environment Mapping workshops held in February and March 2017, to learn more about the new Victorian Standards, think about their own parish culture, and design strategies for creating a child safe environment. They provided useful information about how CatholicCare could most effectively design and deliver the training.

Half of parishes requested a train-the-trainer approach, where 6-10 individuals from a parish attend an intensive session on child safety, the Victorian standards and legislative requirements, training delivery and the training package. 

With train-the-trainer sessions complete, people are now returning to their parishes with the competency to deliver the training to volunteers, leaders of ministries, staff, Priests and Deacons.

The other half of parishes requested a direct training approach, where parishes send their leaders, Priests, staff, Deacons and volunteers to training facilitated directly by CatholicCare.

“The direct training sessions have been made available at a wide range of locations. They have also been made available on a range of dates to maximise opportunities for people to attend,” said Denise.

Every child has the right to feel safe and be safe. As part of our commitment to creating and maintaining a Child Safe Environment, CatholicCare actively works to listen to, empower and protect children. We also work with others to make this happen.

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