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Matt's Story

Matt was a typical teenager, with dreams to be an AFL star. Until his Dad left and everything started falling apart. Together we can help Matt get his dreams back on track.

Matt's Story

Relationships are at the heart of why CatholicCare exists and all of our programs and services focus on helping people to build positive relationships and repair connections when needed. Individuals and families, refugees and asylum seekers, kids in school, or people in prisons; there are times when everyone needs a little help.

Matt was a typical teenager. His natural athletic talent saw him fit into high school easily as he joined the football, cross country and athletics teams. His future looked bright and he dreamed of playing footy in the AFL.

When Matt’s dad left, everything started falling apart. Matt’s Mum had to juggle long hours as a cleaner, leaving Matt and his three sisters to fend for themselves. Within 12 months, Matt was sullen, destructive, refusing to go to school and losing all interest in sport.

In desperation, Matt’s mum turned to CatholicCare’s School Refusal program. Counsellors met with Matt, and with patience and encouragement, Matt opened up about his sadness at the absence of his father. CatholicCare worked with Matt’s mum to help her to understand the reasons for Matt’s changed behaviour. They also worked with Matt and his father to help them re-establish their relationship.

Matt has since returned to school, re-joined the football team and most weekends his Dad comes to watch him play.

Matt’s dreams are back on track thanks to the solid foundation of support from those around him.

Last year CatholicCare helped over 18,000 people like Matt and his family. We know that all families face times of conflict and struggle, but some need extra support to get through. CatholicCare’s mission is to strengthen individuals and families and equip them with the skills they need to face life’s challenges.

At CatholicCare we are seeing more and more young people like Matt who are struggling with the challenges and changes of life. They can easily find themselves on the margins of society, feeling isolated and excluded with no idea where to turn. It is times like this, where CatholicCare’s programs and interventions are needed the most.

Together, we can help those less fortunate in our community, and in our neighbourhood, who need support. Together we can help people live ‘life to the full’.

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Thank you for helping the most disadvantaged in our community. Together we can build a society where young people in need are given a chance at a brighter future.