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Green Patch Community Farm

Strengthening communities

Green Patch is a small community farm located near Melton in Melbourne's outer west. It provides an opportunity for refugee families to reconnect with the land and grow produce for their table and for sale, building a sense of community, skills and self-esteem.

Participants involved in Green Patch come primarily from Myanmar. They benefit from meeting and working alongside people from their home country, who understand their community, culture, and the importance of connection to land.

The Green Patch project was established in 2012 as a partnership between CatholicCare and the owners of the property who have generously made the plots available to refugee families. The project was made possible with the support of many local farmers, businesses, parishes, volunteers and philanthropic donors.

In September 2019, the project transitioned to a self-sustaining community cooperative; the refugee growers have established a leadership committee, and the participants will make a contribution to cover the cost of equipment, maintenance and other expenses.


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