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Our Logo

The CatholicCare Victoria logo is important in defining who we are.

The logo includes elements from all three agencies (CatholicCare Sandhurst, CatholicCare Melbourne/Gippsland and Centacare Ballarat) to show that we have come together as one; one social service agency serving all four Catholic dioceses across the state of Victoria.

Read below to discover more on our logo story.

Our name is important

Our logo gives prominence to our brand name. Capitalisation reinforces who we are and what we do. 


Our tagline communicates the people we serve and the outcomes we strive to achieve.

The flower brand mark

The three petals symbolise the Holy Trinity and an interlocking design that represents unity of the dioceses and agencies that have come together to form CatholicCare Victoria. The overall flower motif signifies growth and transition - for the organisation, and for those we serve who flourish under our care.


Teal remains the dominant (primary) colour in our logo, aligning with CatholicCare branding across Australia.