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Family Week 2019

CatholicCare's theme for Family Week 2019 is Building Connections in the Spirit of Hope. This year’s resources focus on the dynamic concept of Hope – how it can be celebrated and strengthened within families, within school or parish communities, and how CatholicCare programs contribute to the wellbeing and provision of hope for families of all backgrounds.

We are at our best when we are connected to others and to the world around us. Genuine hope is built on vulnerability and love, rather than self-defence and indifference; on a joy that seeks new opportunities, rather than a fear that constantly sees new threats; on a strong community base rather than individualism; on building bridges not walls. 

You, your parish, community group and school are invited to participate in Family Week 2019 to build connections in the spirit of hope. This year Family Week runs from 15-21 May both in the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Diocese of Sale.


If you are interested in participating in Family Week, please use the form on our Family Week page to let us know. Signing up to participate in Family Week will give you access to additional resources for Family Week 2019.


CatholicCare's Family Week 2019 resources are now available to download.
If you would like to view last year's resources for extra content, click here

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Secondary School: 

Social media and photos

If you take any photos while participating in Family Week, you can use the hashtags #familyweekmelb or #familyweekgipps and tag us on your social media platforms!

  • Facebook: @cathcare
  • Instagram: @cathcare_official
  • Twitter: @cathcare_ 

You can also send your photos to us at CommunityEngagement@ccam.org.au so we can upload them to our own social media platforms. Please ensure that you have received permission (from all involved parties) for us to use the photos before sending them through.


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