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17 March 2020

Celebrating diversity through food

Dignity, compassion and inclusion are values that guide the CatholicCare Team in our work with families and communities.

It is through these three values that we are brought together in unity – not only now during Harmony Week, but for each and every day of the year. But Harmony Week provides us with a special opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our communities at large.

Food and culture unite

Food has a magnificent way of bringing people together. What’s more is that every culture will have their own traditional foods and recipes, making food a great way to explore different parts of the world without the need for travel.

So during Harmony Week, why not try something new and open your horizons?

Make one of the recipes below with a family member, or bring one to a dinner or get-together. And send us a photo or two on social media if you give them a shot!

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Liz Gellel - Communications Coordinator


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