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09 May 2019

Expression through poetry

Jen came to CatholicCare seeking counselling and support, having experienced various forms of abuse across 11 years of her childhood. 

Having felt silenced throughout these years, Jen found that she could express her voice through poetry – her feelings, her emotions and her desire for a more positive future.

‘As a child I didn’t have a voice to express myself … My poetry was a way to give a voice to my tormented self,’ said Jen.

‘I spent many years in therapy. The last few years it was with counsellors at CatholicCare.’

Jen has kindly shared one of her poems with us, giving some insight into her world and enabling her to empower others like herself to speak up in times of distress.


Within me since a child. 
Always there, 
but somehow stifled and denied, 
More often now l wonder 
how I survived. 
Without these words I find, 
that l can use, 
as expressions of my mind. 

Words spoken written and felt, 
Yet still and more I seek, 
of words. 
They give me strength, 
I'm not so weak. 
I’ll continue to strive, 
enquire, and speak. 

like endless tides, 
on the beach. 
Gently flowing, against the shore. 
Washing in and out. 
Always more, 
more words come out.

Copyright 2019


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