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Jobs for refugees

Many families and individuals across Victoria lost employment and income as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and there are a range of vulnerable cohorts who experienced greater impacts than others.

At CatholicCare Victoria we’ve seen that refugees are one such cohort who struggled during the pandemic (and are still struggling), having lost casual work and experiencing exacerbated isolation, with limited family and support networks surrounding them.

For World Social Justice Day just around the corner (20 February), the United Nations have nominated this year’s theme as “A Call for Social Justice in the Digital Economy” – pointing out that while many businesses have moved to remote working arrangements, this has also intensified the digital divide for those who have limited or no access to digital appliances and the internet.

As we work together as a state to reach a level of ‘Covid normal’, we are striving to support refugees in finding employment opportunities and reaching their full potential.

Job opportunities for refugees in Geelong

CatholicCare Victoria’s Settle Well Job Readiness program helps newly-arrived refugee mums, and young people in post-secondary education, to find opportunities for employment in the Geelong region.

Opportunities for employment can include casual, part time and full-time work, as well as apprenticeships, graduate opportunities and volunteering.

Offering paid employment or volunteering positions to refugees not only aids them to settle well in Geelong, but also helps them to build work experience and independence, and work towards economic security for their future.

If you (or someone you know) have any opportunities to offer refugee mums or young people paid employment/volunteering roles in the Geelong region, please contact us!


Sarah Cunningham | Job Readiness Worker
Geelong office | T
(03) 5221 7055

Liz Gellel | Communications Coordinator

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18 February 2021
Category: News