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A scholarship for Bibi

Photo: Bibi (right) with her mother and younger sister.

Bibi arrived in Australia with her mother and four siblings on 25 October 2017, having fled the war and conflict in Pakistan.

But it was not only peace and safety that the family longed for – Bibi, now aged 12, was eager to make a career for herself.

“This place [Australia] is really better, like in Pakistan when we were there, they won’t let girls go to school. So it’s better here that girls and boys can go to school.” - Bibi

This year, CatholicCare was thrilled to support Bibi in applying for and receiving a scholarship which covers full tuition to attend Sacred Heart College, Geelong, for the entirety of her secondary schooling.

The scholarship is one of 12 Inclusion and Diversity Scholarships which Sacred Heart College has developed for students who are first generation refugees, and whose families are facing financial hardship. The scholarship also covers expenses for textbooks, stationery, a laptop, camps and excursions, school uniforms and a MYKI travel card.

The path to a bright future

Bibi, like her siblings, only spoke Dari when she arrived in Australia. But with the help of English classes and a Dari translator at school, she has worked hard to learn English and is keen to study well in all of her subjects.

“My mum said it was my dad’s dream for me to be a doctor,” says Bibi. “So I said that I want to be a doctor. I’ll help people – if they don’t have money I’ll do it for free.”

“I need help with my study, to study well so that I can become a doctor and go to university.”

CatholicCare will provide support for Bibi with her English and Math subjects, as well as any other support she needs along the way.

Supporting families to live life to the full

Bibi’s family first came into contact with CatholicCare when her two older siblings were at North Geelong Secondary College, where they participated in the Geelong Settle Well program (supporting refugee students and their mothers to settle well in the community).

The family has since received other supports including Emergency Relief financial assistance, and we are currently supporting Bibi’s brother to apply for a scholarship for his secondary schooling.

“We’re really happy that you guys helped us,” says Bibi’s mother, with Bibi as her translator.

Bibi is excited to be starting at Sacred Heart College this year, and we look forward to following her on her journey!

Liz Gellel | Communications Coordinator

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03 February 2021
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