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Support vulnerable families affected by COVID-19

Give a helping hand

The coronavirus is taking its toll on vulnerable families in our community. So many Victorian families are struggling due to loss of work and income. Families just like Abbie’s... 

Abbie* is a 37 year old mum, with four children under the age of 11 years old. She is the main breadwinner for her family. Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 lockdown, the shop she was working at had to close its doors. Abbie and her family had no income to pay the rent, food or fuel and the bills started stacking up.


“Because of the Covid19 pandemic I lost my job and we got very behind in bills and my husband & I became very stressed as to how we would put food on the table.
CatholicCare helped us pay our bills and with food relief. It was fantastic. It lifted that weight off and relieved some stress, so we could concentrate on our children and making them feel safe at this scary time,” Abbie said


This is a recurring theme among many of the families who are turning to CatholicCare for Emergency Relief support. Most were working in unskilled part-time or casual roles, living from one pay cheque to the next, with no savings to fall back on. Most are living in rental accommodation.

CatholicCare is getting even more phone calls from mothers and fathers just like Abbie. Our current Emergency Relief budget will not cover the surge in demand due to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

No Victorian family should be without a roof over their heads and food on their table.

But you can help!

Your gift today will provide financial aid and free counselling support to a mum just like Abbie who has lost her income and can’t pay her rent or food bills. 



The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted just how vulnerable many of these families are. Prior to COVID-19, they were already living precariously on the edge.

Fortunately, Abbie and her family found the immediate help they needed through our Emergency Relief Program by helping to pay for rent, groceries and provide fuel vouchers; enough to tide them over until their Centrelink payment came through.


"Emergency Relief can provide a circuit breaker for people at times of financial hardship, sometimes people just need a helping hand to get themselves back on track.”
- Denise Lacey, CatholicCare Gippsland Regional Manager


In the current challenging time it is more important than ever to ensure we can continue to support the most vulnerable individual and families in our community.

Your action is needed now.

Your gift today will help families, just like Abbie’s, keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. 



You are so important to our ability to be there for vulnerable families and individuals, now and into the future.

Thank you for your support!


*At CatholicCare, we respect everyone who comes to us for help and many are working towards a fresh start in life. So while the stories and quotes are true, client names and images have been changed to protect their privacy. Thank you for your understanding.