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Marriage Enrichment Workshops

Deepening relationships

Our Marriage Enrichment Workshops help married couples to appreciate and enjoy their marriage - whether they have been married for two, 20 or 60 years! They are for couples of any age to gain a deeper understanding of their relationship as it evolves. 

What are Marriage Enrichment Workshops?

Marriage Enrichment helps couples to explore their friendship and a vision of the marriage they continue to build. We offer: 

  • Difference to Eternity - a group workshop that supports couples to explore and embrace their differences 
  • REFOCCUS - a private workshop for married couples who want to spend more time exploring and enriching their understanding of their marriage
  • R (Relationship) Day – a workshop for groups of married couples to explore the ideas and behaviours that help strengthen relationships: relax, renew, recall, romance, revisit, revitalise, rejuvenate and rejoice (The next workshop is 14 June 2017).


  • The Difference to Eternity costs $150 per couple
  • REFOCCUS costs $350 per couple for five 1-hour sessions
  • R (Relationship) Day costs $150 per couple

Easter Appeal

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