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Parenting Orders Program

Giving children a voice  

We provide individual support, counselling and group education programs for separated families who have experienced high parental conflict over an extended period of time.  

Our Parenting Orders Program (POP) helps parents to manage disputes and increase cooperation and communication. The program is child-focused and gives children the opportunity to have a voice. 

How can POP help?

POP is delivered by professionally trained and qualified practitioners who specialise in child, adult and family relationship matters and are trained and supervised to operate within the Family Law Act. 

POP can help separated families to:

  • manage parenting arrangements and contact arrangements
  • ensure the best interest of the child is their priority
  • improve communication between parents
  • increase cooperation between parents 
  • minimise conflict and manage disputes

What education programs are available?

We offer a three-hour post separation parenting seminar to help parents focus on their children’s needs. Parents learn to manage disputes about parenting and contact arrangements, improve communication, reduce conflict and find solutions that are best for children.  

Our six-week education program builds on the same topics and also covers loss and grief, the impact of conflict on children, communication, conflict resolution, self-esteem and self-care.


POP is for:

  • families in the northern and western metropolitan regions of Melbourne, Geelong and the Gippsland region
  • families who are in conflict regarding parenting arrangement
  • parents, children and family members who have Parenting Orders from the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court 


POP services are subsidised by the Commonwealth Government. A means-tested co-contribution is required from those accessing the services.

Concession cardholders, Health Care cardholders and students pay a fee of $20 per person for an Intake session and $20 per person per subsequent session.

Program dates

To view dates for Gippsland's programs please view the 'Parenting Orders Program Gippsland brochure 2018' and the 'Post-Separation Parenting Programs flyer 2018' brochures on our Publications page.

More information

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View the Parenting Orders Program brochures and flyers on our Publications page. 

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