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Alcohol and Other Drug Family Service

Building people's strength

We offer specialist counselling, support groups and community education for family members concerned about a loved one's substance abuse. We also provide some support to people living with, or recovering from addiction.

What is the Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Family Service?

Good family relationships can help people to recover from addiction and in some cases may even prevent it. 

Our AOD Family Service offers a range of supports for family members of people affected by alcohol and drug abuse. It also offers counselling and referrals to other community services for people living with addiction.

By building healthy relationships and strengthening social networks, families are empowered to overcome addiction.

The service includes:

  • alcohol and other drug use assessment and referral to other agencies
  • community programs aimed at supporting and strengthening families
  • compassionate, non-judgemental and confidential counselling and group work for individuals, families, friends and parents
  • support and education groups for family members
  • supported playgroups for families affected by alcohol and drug misuse


This service is free of charge. 

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View the Alcohol and Other Drug Family Service brochure on our Publications page.

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