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Family Week 2018

Made in the image of God, humans are social beings. It is within the family that we first learn to build loving connections with others, based on the deep knowledge that we are loved. Sometimes these ideal relationships are absent, or they break down. At these times the Christian community needs to rally around to support the individuals and the family to rebuild deeper, more nourishing relationships. It is here that the partnership between CatholicCare and Catholic schools and parishes can be most active.  

For this reason, after consultation with many schools, CatholicCare’s theme for Family Week 2018 is Building Connections; Growing Together. This year’s resources focus on the dynamic concept of Family Wellbeing – how it can be celebrated and strengthened within a school or parish community, and how CatholicCare programs contribute to the wellbeing of families of all backgrounds. 

As an expression of the mission of the Archdiocese of Melbourne and the Diocese of Sale, CatholicCare’s work centres on supporting people who are vulnerable and marginalised. Through its wide range of programs, it seeks to break down the barriers to social inclusion to build a stronger, more resilient society. 

You, your parish, community group or school are invited to participate in Family Week 2018. The dates are: 14-20 May in the Archdiocese of Melbourne, and throughout August in the Diocese of Sale. Family Week resources are now available for download below.

Please contact us on 03 9287 5555 or communityengagement@ccam.org.au to inform us of your interest in Family Week.



Archdiocese of Melbourne: 

Diocese of Sale:

Learning materials and presentations: 

Keeping in touch with CatholicCare 

If you would like to participate in Family Week, we ask that you please nominate yourself or someone from your school, parish or community group to be the main contact for information and support regarding CatholicCare programs and activities.

This makes it easier for us to engage with eachother, and means we can share more resources with you, and you can share your stories with us!

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