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Adoption and Permanent Care

Balancing everyone’s needs

This state-wide service offers training, assessment and support for families seeking to become adoptive or permanent care parents. We work with birth parents who are considering relinquishment to ensure they receive advice and support to make an informed decision. We also have an Adoption Information Service for adoptees or people enquiring about past adoptions.

Our Adoption Services

Adoption in Victoria is the legal process by which a child becomes a member of a new family.  When birth parents feel it is impossible to raise their child and decide to relinquish their legal rights and responsibilities, the County Court of Victoria can make an adoption order. CatholicCare is one of the Victorian agencies approved to make adoption arrangements.

For birth parents, we provide:

  • information to understand the adoption process 
  • support to explore all options and to help make an informed decision about the future care of their child
  • counselling

For prospective and adoptive parents, we provide:

  • information and training sessions 
  • counselling and support
  • assessment 
  • pre and post legal support for families going through the adoption process

Read our fact sheet for prospective parents 

Our Adoption Information Service provides:

  • information, records release, search, outreach and reunification services for adopted adults, birth parents/relatives and under-age adoptees

Information includes records managed by CatholicCare and our previous agencies, Centacare Catholic Family Services or Catholic Family Welfare Bureau.

Our Permanent Care Service

Permanent care provides a stable and secure family for children up to 12 years of age when the Children’s Court has ordered that a child cannot live with their biological family. 

We support the placement of vulnerable children up to 12 years of age in stable and supportive permanent familie

There are a number of steps involved in becoming a Permanent Carer. CatholicCare can help with:

  • information and education sessions 
  • pre and post legal support for families going through the permanent care process


Our Adoption and Permanent care service is offered state-wide; we can work with clients and agencies anywhere in Victoria.


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Violence can tear families apart. With your support, CatholicCare can help them rebuild their lives for a brighter future.