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13 October 2017

Empowering Kids with ‘Stress Busters’

To enable children and young people to acquire the skills to reach their potential, our Family Wellbeing Support Service in Melton has begun offering a new set of school-based workshops. ‘Stress Busters’ is an anxiety management program for students in Prep to year six. 

‘It’s full of fun, interactive tips and tricks for kids to manage their worries, learn about their emotions, practice breathing and calming, and increase their confidence and self-esteem,’ said Kate McKernin from CatholicCare.

Last financial year, 844 people, including children, received CatholicCare’s mental health and wellbeing support. By partnering with local schools and developing relationships with their wellbeing teams, ‘Stress Busters’ is being run in schools and led by qualified mental health practitioners together with our partners at VICSEG and MacKillop Family Services. 

Asked what children learn at the workshops, Kate said ‘they learn how the brain impacts our emotions, thoughts and how we feel them in our physical body - such as heart racing, sweating or feeling sick. They learn many strategies to deal with the early warning signs, when their worries are getting too big, and when they should ask for help.’

‘Much of Mental Health Week is about furthering people’s knowledge about mental health, and as an early intervention program, we’re excited about developing and delivering ‘Stress Busters’ to empower children and young people with wellbeing education.' 

In post evaluation reports, schools reported ‘students looked forward to each session’ and workers ‘create a great rapport with kids.’

In the words of a young client who participated in a workshop, ‘Thank you for coming to 3 Yellow to teach us how to deal with our worries. I enjoyed playing ‘Feeling Bingo’ and I learnt there are many different ways to calm yourself down. The next time I feel worried or anxious I am going to use the lazy 8 breathing.’

To register your interest in ‘Stress Busters,’ please call 03 8746 0500.

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