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05 September 2017

Living history with Fr Gerard Dowling

“When I started at CatholicCare, it was called the Catholic Family Welfare Bureau, and we had eight staff. Many things have changed since but what is still the same is that we treat each and every person with respect.”

These were the words of Fr Gerard Dowling, currently Spiritual Director of CatholicCare, recalling his first connection with CatholicCare in 1963. As he recently celebrated his 85th birthday, the occasion was a small but heartfelt expression of birthday greetings from his friends and colleagues at CatholicCare. 

Fr Dowling recalled his gratitude to Archbishop Justin Simonds, who ordained him, and who gave him not only a role in social work, but the opportunity to study at University for four years. He also warmly recalled his first boss, then Fr, later Bishop Eric Perkins.

During the more than fifty years of his association with CatholicCare, Fr Dowling has embodied its soul and values. This contribution is celebrated in the annual Fr Gerard Dowling Award, which is given to “the individual staff member who has been outstanding in modelling the Mission and Values of CatholicCare.”


Fr Gerard Dowling enjoys a birthday cake from CatholicCare

We are truly blessed to have such a warm and wise man of God as part of the CatholicCare family!

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