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17 June 2020

T for Terrific!

Schools are back, and students are flooding campus grounds once again. 

But students aren’t the only ones returning to school. 

Teachers across Victoria have done an amazing job in managing online learning and preparing classes (and classrooms) for the big return, and we know how challenging this has been! 

So teachers, if you’re feeling stressed or a bit uptight, remember to allow some time for yourself for self-care and rest. You deserve it! 


Here are five tips to help you reduce the stress and feel more at ease: 

  1. Breathe - the most basic thing when we feel the pressure building can be to take a few big deep breaths and let some of that stress settle and leave our bodies. Deep breathing can automatically reduce stress in your body. 
    If you are into mindfulness, a quick grounding exercise might also help. Notice where you are what you can see, hear, touch, smell and taste. This can help bring us back to the present from all the multiple thoughts that might be crowding our heads! 
  2. Remind yourself that we are in exceptional circumstances, and notice the things you have achieved and the things you are grateful for. Remembering the things we have and are doing can help you face the next challenges. 
  3. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Remember what we tell students - having a learning mindset can help take the pressure off getting everything right!! 
  4. Be kind to yourself. Without making it an extra chore - make time to do the things that help you unwind. 
  5. Ask for help. We are all in this together and the people around you appreciate and are grateful for the amazing work you are doing, so share the load! 


Thank you, teachers, for being a guiding light for students and families during this challenging time. You’re great! 


Liz | Communications Coordinator 
Anna | Child and Family Counsellor/Psychologist 

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