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05 June 2019

They've come so far

Last night we celebrated yet another wonderful end-of-semester event for the Clemente Fitzroy program.

Three students graduated from the program, having completed all four units of study to attain their Certificate in Liberal Arts. A further ten students successfully completed this semester’s unit – An Introduction to Ethics.

The students shared their stories – both their challenges and their triumphs - displaying just how far they have come while participating in the Clemente program.

‘I’ve found it really invigorating,’ says new graduate Celeste. ‘I feel overwhelmed [having now completed the program] – this year I lost my self-esteem and my motivation. If it wasn’t for [Clemente staff] and my Learning Partner, I would have dropped out.’ 

The staff, the volunteers and the donors who support this program are all integral to its success. It is changing the lives of everyone who enters the program.

We would like to thank everyone who contributes to Clemente Fitzroy, including ACU and our funding partner the Noel and Carmel O’Brien Family Foundation.


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