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02 April 2019

A lasting testament

It was 84 years ago when our founders, Norma Parker and Connie Moffit, set off to America to study social work. They returned as Australia’s first professionally qualified social workers, and since then we have continued to support vulnerable families in our local community.

The Parker Moffit Bequest Society was created to honour the work of our Founders and to acknowledge our supporters who share in our vision, and wish to ensure that beyond their lifetime there is support for those in need of care and assistance.   

Each year CatholicCare gives our blessings and thanks to our supporters who have passed away throughout the past year, for their generosity and their everlasting legacy to help others.


The Parker Moffit Bequest Society event kicked off with a magnificent performance at St Patrick’s Cathedral, by Melbourne soprano, Larissa Cairns and Paul Taylor, the Cathedral’s Musical Director. Guests were then invited to join us for afternoon tea at the Cardinal Knox Centre. Fr Gerard Dowling opened the afternoon tea with a prayer of thanks, following which our guests heard updates on CatholicCare’s work from John Sheldon CatholicCare Chairman, Netty Horton CEO, and Chris McNamara, Senior Manager of North West and Barwon regions.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to meet our valued supporters and we thank them again for their continued support.

For more information about the Parker Moffit Bequest Society or how you can leave a gift in your Will, please contact Bronwyn Shipway, Philanthropy Manager at (03) 9287 5507 or email Fundraising@ccam.org.au 

Stronger families and communities

Every day our clients search for support, and we want to be there for them to help break the cycle of disadvantage, and help them achieve 'life to the full'.