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05 October 2018

Parenting Orders Program training day

The CatholicCare Parenting Orders (POP) Team in Gippsland has now recruited casual staff from our Marriage Education Team, to assist with meeting the increasing demand for the service. Gippsland POP staff will continue to do assessments and will be the main facilitators for our range of workshops within the program. The Marriage Education staff will co-facilitate workshops with the Gippsland staff on a casual basis.

Yesterday, both the POP and Marriage Education staff participated in a full day’s worth of training. The day was divided into two sessions; our Regional Manager for Gippsland, Denise Lacey ran the first half of the day, and Mark Tanti, Manager of the Parenting Orders Program in Gippsland, ran the second half.

The focus of Denise’s training was on staff’s learning styles and the learning styles of clients participating in our POP courses. Mark trained our staff about the cohort of clients that come to our courses, plus an overview of the different courses that are delivered in Gippsland.

At the end of the day staff were asked to report on what they had learned, and what gaps they had identified such as areas of future learning. It was fun day and with staff freely contributing to discussions. Lots of great ideas were generated in order to improve both content, and delivery of content to our clients.

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