Dialog Box

06 March 2018

Education for a new beginning

CatholicCare has now launched the 2018 Easter Appeal which focuses on those who are neglected by society; relegated to the ‘too hard’ basket, and left behind. Our aim is to raise $50,000 to deliver support and services to those that turn to CatholicCare in times of need. Through programs such as our specialised counselling services and the Clemente Fitzroy program, CatholicCare makes sure that no one is left behind on the fringes of society and everyone is given an opportunity to transform their lives.

Clemente Fitzroy is a humanities-based higher education program open to people experiencing severe disadvantage and social isolation. It is a free program that provides the opportunity and support to help students make positive changes in their lives through the gift of education.

Each semester, up to 20 volunteers lend their support to Clemente Fitzroy students, helping them to transform their lives and look to a better future. If you would like to find out more please view our appeal by clicking here.

Kate's Story

With your help we can bring understanding, belonging and joy to the table this Christmas.