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Josh's story

"Your services have helped me to achieve success in my parole obligations... to slowly integrate back into the community... to tackle my problems and meet my goals." ~ Josh

Josh's story

Easter is the season to celebrate transformation, and this Easter, we are asking you to donate to services that transform people's lives.

The recent Bourke Street attack tested our community… Over forty families were directly affected, thousands were traumatised by what they witnessed, thousands more mourned and reflected at gatherings and memorials. Strangers reached out to each other at a time of great distress.

As Catholics, we believe that God offers redemption to all through Jesus; and that Jesus gave his life that we may live our lives to the full.

Filled with this Spirit, we are called to reach out to people living with complex social issues that hold them back from active engagement, and leading a purposeful life.

Just as we came to know how family violence, substance abuse and mental illness all played a part in the life of the perpetrator of the Bourke Street attack, we are called to support the whole community with the effects of these issues.

Jesus’s great sacrifice of his own life, so that we might all live, motivates us to reach out.

This Easter, CatholicCare is:

  • caring for parents and children experiencing family violence;
  • providing counselling, support and education to family members concerned about a loved one's substance abuse;
  • supporting young people about to engage in risk-taking behaviour; and 
  • enabling parents to encourage their children to lead purposeful lives.


When complex social issues test us, it can be empowering to think of Jesus as a real person who was guided by a firm belief in the world’s transformation; as someone who challenged the status quo, worked to liberate the oppressed and offered redemption and the potential for new life and resurrection. 

Every day, CatholicCare delivers services that transform peoples' live. As an example, we share with you part of a recent client letter: 

I cannot express enough my sincere thanks for your commitment and support. Your services have helped me to achieve success in my parole obligations... to slowly integrate back into the community... to re-establish firm relationships with my relatives... to tackle my problems and meet my goals.


We are deeply grateful to you for enabling positive outcomes like this, and ask for your support today to keep transforming peoples' lives.