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Sunday Appeal

Help give families and individuals the care and support they need to break down the barriers they face to living life to the full!

Sunday Appeal

Life is a bumpy road, with ups and downs. And sometimes it’s hard to dig your way out of the holes without a little extra help.

For almost 85 years, the social workers, staff and volunteers at CatholicCare have reached out to people who need that little extra help – the disadvantaged; the vulnerable; and those who have been pushed to the fringes of our society. This is our mission.

It is a mission that responds to Jesus’ call to us to practise mercy towards others. It is a mission that we invite you to continue to share with us.

We need your support to help provide hope and to ensure families and individuals have access to the care they need to overcome their challenges. Read more about our programs and services.


Eva-Jean’s Story 

"I had a bit of a tough time and had to get away…I had to move and get back on my feet"

Eva-Jean came to us for support when she was dealing with a very difficult time in her life. She and her 11-year-old daughter had recently fled their home to escape from family violence.

Moving  to a new suburb meant that her daughter’s school was far away, and when her car broke down and her registration was due, she knew she didn’t have the means to pay for them.

Keeping her daughter in her school was very important to Eva-Jean. They had been through so much already that all she wanted was to keep her daughter’s life as normal as possible. To make this happen, Eva-Jean spent four hours every day on public transport taking her daughter to and from school, and this eventually impacted her ability to continue working.

With little to no income, having a daughter to look after and dealing with stress, isolation, and trauma, Eva-Jean knew she couldn’t do it alone. She found the immediate support she needed through CatholicCare’s Emergency Relief program and counselling services.

CatholicCare helped to get her car back on the road and gave her financial assistance for other living expenses. She also started receiving counselling to address her emotional worries, and to regain the confidence she needed to move forward with her life.

"It has impacted my daughter enormously as she can go to friends and I can take and pick her up. We don’t have such long days getting to and from school. We are both happier and we are making a new home for ourselves with the assistance we have been given. We are both happier and feel freer.” -Eva Jean


The need in the community for assistance is growing, however we can’t continue to be there for people without the support of those who share in our mission.

Make a donation today and help support people like Eva-Jean, and the thousands like her that come walking through our doors.