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Heavenly Gala Ball 2015

Celebrating 80 years of caring!


It was with great pride that we celebrated our 80th birthday before 200 guests at our Heavenly Gala Ball on Thursday 10 September and CatholicCare's 80 years of service to the Victorian community.

It was an opportunity to celebrate with supporters and raise much needed funds for our programs and services, as well as showcase the programs we deliver and the impact our work has on those we serve. 

Our core work has always been, and always will be families - it's the reason we were established all those years ago – to keep families TOGETHER but over time the particular needs of families and our responses to those needs change. 

Two major issues that currently provide a focus for our work are family violence and substance abuse with an increasing concern on the use of ice (crystal methamphetamine). Both are issues that can have serious implications for families; and both are having an impact on the work of CatholicCare.

A recent survey of our clients disclosed that a quarter of them confront issues of violence in their family while about 15% are dealing with issues around Ice usage - either themselves or in a family member.

Not all families have the means to get access to high quality and professional services to address these issues and that is where CatholicCare steps up with flexible, affordable and accessible counselling and support- This is a lifeline to many families who would otherwise face very bleak prospects.   

We do as much as we can with the grants we receive, however, demand for our services is consistently outweighed by the resources available to us. There is much work that still needs to be done and fundraising events such as the Gala Ball assists us in helping to meet the needs. 

​Some highlights from the night:

  • AFL legend Kevin Sheedy - our keynote speaker who inspired all in the room by talking about the importance of family and community and his sporting achievements. 
  • The personal story of Clemente student Shathees,  who is turning his life with the help of Clemente and the Cyrene Centre.
  • ​A fabulous band 'Who was that Cat' - a genuine and authentic rock 'n' roll band highly recommend them for events - every set they played filled the dance floor!  AND...drum roll please...
  • $54,000 raised for our services - a tremendous effort!

​​Thank you to everyone who came along and supported us and in particular, and a big thank you to all the people who donated auction items, and the army of volunteers who helped to make the night a success and ensured that all the proceedings ran smoothly. 

Watch the highlights here. 

Event Details




80th birthday fundraiser to benefit underprivileged communities 

Time: 6.30pm - 11.00pm


Plaza Ballroom
191 Collins Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3002

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